A Guide to Advertising on Social Networking Sites


If you are reading this, then you are new to how social networking sites can be used for advertising your products or services. Or, you want to brush up or gain some new insights on other techniques in advertising.

When it comes to advertising your products and services on a social networking site, one thing you have to remember is that you can’t leave anything to chance. So without further ado, below are some ways you can effectively advertise your products besides having to buy social media services.

One of the most visited sites to watch streaming videos. A surfer could spend countless hours in Youtube watching cats, babies, and Rebecca Black, so why not direct them to something more useful and upload a video about your product?

One effective way of advertising in Youtube is to create videos that not only give a message but also entertain. So, if you plan to tell them about how great your services are then make sure that the viewers will have some fun watching them.

Another thing you can do is put in hashtags and descriptions to your data. That way people will stumble into your video and you don’t have to really on having to buy Youtube views to gain viewers from people who are not close to your social circle.

This is a rather new video streaming site and unlike Youtube you must register in order to view the uploaded films. But still the members of this social networking site are steadily increasing despite its restrictions. People are attracted to this place because unlike Youtube where having a channel will have to go through a lot of requirements, any members can make their own channel from their account.

So, what do you get out of having a channel? It allows viewers to subscribe to your videos. That means whenever you upload a new video they will instantly know about it. Because of this many uploaders have switched to this site and a lot of Web surfers have followed them as well.

The same rules of hashtags and descriptions in Youtube work in this site. But to gain more following aside from having to buy views for Vimeo is to subscribe for a Pro account. That is because Pro accounts will allow you to have unlimited bandwidth, so even if there are many viewers their ability to watch your videos will not be hampered.

This social networking site is unique in a sense that you only upload tunes, music, and audio recordings here. But that doesn’t mean that people are turned off with these limitations. In fact, many budding musicians go to this site to try their luck with getting fame.

If you want to gain some followings here, aside from having to buy soundcloud plays then you should be sure to add in hashtags for explorers to easily stumble upon your audio. Finally, to attract visual people you should also put in an interesting graphic to your recording.

With all these advices, you can be sure to be flexible in advertising in any social networking site.

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