A Beginner’s Guide with Selling on Social Networking Sites

15849520_sMany newbies first make a Facebook page about their company then add all their family and friends then just leave it to fate what will happen next. What they are doing is like building a lemonade stand, cute but not really an effective way to build profit.
When you plan to engage in social media business, be it from Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube, you should have a path made ahead of you and not just leave it to the whims of other people. The problem with just adding up your friends and family is that they ARE friends and family and NOT customers. So, what should you do to attract buyers?

Let them be Aware of your Company
It’s very rare that a Facebook user will look for companies on the search bar for their needs, and yet we need to tap into them, your solution: create a brand identity. First decide on what type of identity you want your company to have. One thing you have to be sure of is that your chosen identity should gel with your target buyers. Once you have picked your identity, you can attract their attention by posting to them images or uploading videos that will pick their attention. Your goal here is to attract attention and have as many people “friending” you. Some companies even run contest to increase the chances of having more people into their social circle.

Introduce the Product Gradually
Once you have a number of people on your side your task is to wet their appetites. Your next task then is to create posts about your product with the intent of marketing it. Examples include: introducing its features, fun facts, and unexpected use of a product. Once you have gathered interest in your product, selling them online will be an easy task.

Retaining Interest
Usually people’s interest when left to its devises will remain for only a week. To keep it going for a long time and generate more interest you have to do some campaigning. You either have to make contact with a blog site or create one, and with the intention of reviewing your product. Another thing that can increase your customer’s loyalty is to talk to them. Social networking sites offer a way for people to post their criticism about the product. Be sure to talk to them about it and also be sure to thank for any praises that come your way. The best thing about feedback is that you can get an idea on where your customers would like to spend their money.

Interconnection is Key
Create a strong online presence by having accounts on multiple social networking sites. Some people have their own loyalty to a single social networking site. If you only have access to one site then you may have unexpectedly missed out on some potential customers. Once you have an account to multiple social sites be sure to posts links to all of them for easy access.

Of course sometimes it is just as hard to promote your product by yourself, in times of need you can always buy social media followers to boost your presence. Once that happens attracting other followers will be easy.

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