Social Media Marketing: How to have an Online Presence

12876750_sSome people prefer to spend their free hours on the internet rather than TV. What that means for the modern company is that creating traditional advertising alone is no longer working. Having a presence in social networking sites should be their new priority.

Of course this is not a problem for your mega companies, but how about the brick and mortar type of business. How can small businesses like yours thrive in a seemingly large playground? Take a look below to get you started on the right direction.

Have Multiple Social Networking Accounts
Not all people go to one social networking site, that means you should broaden your spectrum and have presence to as many sites as possible. Once you have an account you then have to fill it up with as many followers as you can. You can always start with your friends and family or you can also buy social media follower to start increasing your accounts ratings.

Build a Community
A lot of social networking sites allow you to connect with a lot of people by building their own community channel. Create one and invite your target clients, that way if you have any events or product unveiling events you will have an easy access to them. You can even generate interest by creating contest and running it with your community.

Labels and Hashtags
Twitter introduced the concept of hashtag with the intention of creating a subject for people to talk about in under 120 letters. Now other sites like Instagram and Youtube also use them. These Hashtags when used correctly in your posts can help you garner more followers as they will easily stumble in to your site while looking for something new on the Net. Of course why follow a trend when you can make your own trend, when creating a hashtag and you have not enough following you can buy Twitter followers and wait as people suddenly come to your posts and engage in your topic.

Give them Something to See
Instagram is a site that turns you into a photographer. With a simple access to your iPhone, you now have the ability to capture images and then edit it with the apps available to the site. Once you have made your perfect picture you can easily post it to your account and even tell your other social networks about your new posts. One way to gather new followers is when you buy Instagram followers, this can lead you to the top of a search result resulting on more people having a look at your pictures.

Sustaining a Following
Once you have gathered your followers you now have to sustain interest. One sure fire way to just that is by posting new content in a consistent manner. That will tell them that your account is still active and has not remained idle. Another way you can sustain your followers is through reviews on other sites and comments from blog posts.

Once you have created your followers, your presence in the online community will grow at a steady pace.

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