What is social media marketing and why buy it?


Everyone today is connected to one kind of social networking, some more than the others. And there is one kind of social media available for every person’s need. May it be for general communication, photos, music, location, microblogging and videos, there is a social media site for that. That is why more and more people use social networking as a way to market business, as a way influence the masses and basically get information out to the public.

So, what is Social Media Marketing? To put it simply, it is using these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, among others, to increase website traffic. This is a inexpensive way of advertisement, a new technical version of “word of mouth” that uses likes, views, reblogs, or retweets to share common interests that create a web-like multiplicity effect that increases the reach of one information exponentially and globally.

Artists, institutions, leaders, businesses and organizations use these social networking websites to effectively proliferate information to a wider scope instantaneously. They depend on the website’s exposure to produce what the internet calls a viral effect. That is why each “share” on these social media websites is instrumental for how the information would disseminate to all parts of the world wide web.

While most depend on the natural way and simply publish the content and wait for the best, more often than not, your post ends up in the internet’s dead end and stops the whole share and like process. This is true especially if your brand has not yet acquired a stable viewership or your website has not accrued enough traffic to accumulate that enough networking to reach that targeted audience. A solution to this is to buy social media likes, views and fans. This is generating real traffic to your content that would jumpstart the whole share and like process and exponentially increase the reach of your information.

For a very inexpensive fee, you don’t have to sit in a corner waiting for the internet population to start noticing your web content. Furthermore, you don’t have to slave away begging everyone to take a chance on your webpage with the risk dismissing you as a regular spammer. It is easy, inexpensive and fast. And no, it isn’t merely the numbers they are raising up, the numbers count, yes, but the viewership counts more. Buying social media does not depend on using bots or computer generated traffic, since that really defeats the purpose. What it does is that is uses its massive network to generate real shares, likes and views and from thereon create a real networking process. Since each view can has a potential to multiply hundred fold, all you have to do is invest and let technology work its best.

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